Lighting Components

Lighting Components

There are many different types of landscape lighting systems, controls and switching, wiring connections, fixture types, functions-purposes-styles, and light sources.
Components can include:

1. Power 
- Connection to main property power source (code and permit determined)
- Transformers  (12v and multi-tap transformers)
- Timers
- Light sensor switching (photocells)
- Motion sensor switching
- Manual ‘light switches’
- Automated light switching units-systems
- Remote lighting switching – on-property devices, off-site phone or online systems

2. Electric Wiring
- Conduit - underground for Line Voltage, vulnerable locations, under or in constructed elements – pavements
- Cable, wire – underground per codes for line and low voltage, above ground at stake-mounted and tree mounted fixtures.

3. Light Fixtures - fixed location -Line Voltage (120V and low voltage (12V )
- Post mount – column mount
- Address light
- Wall mount
- Ceiling mount – hanging fixture
- Security lights
- Tree lights – up and down lights
- In-grade fixtures- up lights buried in-ground – top flush with surface
- Adjustable aim “bullet” – up light
- Sports court lights, tennis courts
- Portable fixtures “hard-wired” or “plug-in” ‘wet location rated’ interior style fixtures
- String lighting – “holiday lights” -  bulbs and LED

 4. Light fixtures  – low voltage (12V )- modest location adjustments
- Path lights
- Area lights
- Down lights or up lights (directional, spot, and flood lights) – stake mount
- Wall lights – surface mount
- Tree-mount lights – down lights
- Deck lights – surface mount
- Well lights – mounted below grade
- Hardscaping lights- integrated into walls or interlock.
- Step lights – recessed into stair risers
- Rope lighting – fiber optics